University of Massachusetts Boston

Boston, USA

University of Massachusetts Boston

University of Massachusetts Boston – founded in 1852, is the only state university in Boston, Massachusetts. It is also among the five universities of the Massachusetts system and is considered one of the best educational institutions in the world. Education in the USA has many advantages, which we will introduce you in this article.

Today, more than 17,000 students study here. Almost 10% of them are representatives of various countries of the world. The University of Massachusetts Boston is a 20-minute walk from downtown Boston, the state capital, the largest university city.

More than a hundred universities and colleges are located here, including such well-known as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University and Boston College. The campus has the world-famous John F. Kennedy Library. Also, in the summer of 2006, Barack Obama spoke to graduates of this university. All students can become members of more than 100 different student organizations, including clubs. Literary publications, radio stations, art galleries. Students also have 16 sports sections at their disposal.

For students, comfortable dormitories with high-speed Internet, classrooms, dining rooms, fitness centers, gyms and grounds, a swimming pool and other infrastructure are provided here. Thus, the education process is organized as efficiently as possible, richly, easily and interestingly.

A great advantage for students is the opportunity to be enrolled in this university on the basis of the internal test UMass Boston compiled specifically for applicants from the Study Inter without an IELTS certificate.

UMass Boston also provides language training programs and Pre-Master’s.

The enrollment is carried out 3 times a year: August, January and May.

Requirements and cost

Bachelor's degree

Tuition Fee

Entrance requirements

  • IELTS 6.0

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